In Search of Revival

According to an online search for the definitions of revival it can mean (among other things) 1) an improvement in the condition or strength of something, 2) an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again, and 3) a reawakening of religious fervor.

I am not skeptical, I am not cynical, what I am is hopeful. Skeptics and cynics keep a watchful eye on events to find the fatal flaw they are sure is there. To live hopefully also requires a watchful eye, but in search of the real thing. Looking out for true revival.

All of us have some area(s) of our lives in which we are looking for revival. When I work with clients, we often define the most important drivers in their life. Relationship with God, relationship with family & friends, vocational work, and health are often on the list in some form or another. As we discuss developing healthy rhythms to bring proper focus to each of these drivers, it is typically an effort that stems from the realization that there is need for revival. With a watchful eye, I look with hope for the evidence that each person is making the necessary adjustments to bring about revival. The one step back after two steps forward does not result in skepticism or cynicism, an “I knew it wouldn’t work” attitude. Instead, we remain hopeful that the forward steps result in permanent, positive change.

Maybe it is a broken relationship with a spouse or child. A revival is needed if you are not going to simply give up. Improvement in the condition or strength of this relationship requires that you make adjustments, building healthy rhythms so as to free up the time for those adjustments to be made.

Maybe it is a lack of fulfillment from your chosen vocational work, be it a career path, pursuit of what was once a passion, or simply a 9-5 job to pay the bills. Revival is needed to see that work become important again, or perhaps for the first time.  This requires adjustments to healthy rhythms to build the emotional strength to find fulfillment within the current path, or to identify a correct change of path.

The list of possibilities where you may have a need for revival is endless, and uniquely yours. My job as a Life Coach is to help you sort that all out and provide you with insight for creating the needed change.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am constantly in hopeful search of revival as it relates to more people displaying increased focus to knowing, experiencing, and following Jesus. I have a watchful eye on the events that have been unfolding at Asbury University these past several days. A hopeful, watchful eye. It is being called a revival, and it most certainly has elements of the definition above (‘something becoming popular again,’ and ‘a reawakening of religious fervor’). True spiritual revival will result in permanent changes in two ways:

  1. Unbelievers will become believers. Those far from God will draw near to Him.
  2. Believers will become more like Jesus Christ. Their lives will reflect permanent changes that will result in more love and less hate. More hope and less skepticism & cynicism. More compassion and less judgment. More humility and less pride.

I am hopeful. Revival is needed. May this grow to something more than an isolated experience. If you are not currently a believer, be curious. It is worth your effort to be in search of revival.

2 responses to “In Search of Revival”

  1. I am also watching the Asbury revival, going that there is some lasting impact in the hearts and souls of those in attendance, and that they leave to make a difference in their worlds. Maybe I’m a bit jaded, but I have a lot of doubts that will happen once the emotional rush is gone.


    1. Paul – thank you for that honest feedback. This is why I felt so compelled to write this yesterday. I, too, have an internal war against being jaded. Being a bit jaded means that we lean toward skepticism. Perfectly understandable, but taking a hopeful posture is healthier for you (and me). My HOPE is that, even when the inevitable negative stories surface, we will have the assurance that a life, and probably many lives, are being changed eternally, and that throughout the coming eternity we will learn of the impact this revival had on countless lives over the coming generations.


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