Randy Blincow is a pastor, retired finance executive, mentor, life coach, disciple-maker, husband, father, and grandfather. His 60+ years of life experience include 37 years of working in two very diverse career paths, becoming a parent and adoptive parent, navigating multiple relocations, and extensive global travel for business and mission purposes. He has learned and developed a passion for living life with intention, toward a given purpose.

Randy finds great joy in helping others to discover & define their unique purpose, and building healthy rhythms designed to fulfill it. He believes that maintaining physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health is the key to successfully manifesting the vision of who we desire to be.


I really like Randy’s approach. He shared personal stories that I identify with. His content is practical and is something you can use right away. It is not a one size fits all approach. It forces you to think about your personal situation and what you can do to improve day by day. I was able to get back to activities that I stopped doing, activities that made me feel really happy. He helps you find what really works for you. – Avelino Estevez, Finance – Eaton Corporation

During a pivotal time in my personal and professional development, Randy coached me through a life roadmap process. This coaching gave me a framework to evaluate which opportunities to pursue and where to invest my time. Even more significantly, it equipped me with the ability to discern the unique calling on my life, and tools to establish concrete goals inside of that calling. It is something I come back to time and time again. – Amanda Beggs, Online Director – North Way Christian Community

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