The services I offer are generally best served to an individual but can be tailored to a small group in the case of an organization looking to, for example, have a future group of leaders go through the Life Roadmap process.

Life & Career Coaching
Throughout my life, I have experienced many circumstances involving change and major decision making. Becoming a parent, becoming an adoptive parent, navigating multiple relocations, requesting a lateral career move, a complete career change (and back!), and early retirement are all just examples of my life experience. In both my corporate career and my ongoing time in ministry, I have traveled around the world extensively, enjoying the cross-cultural experience but also navigating the stress that travel can bring to the home base.

Whether you feel you need one conversation to navigate a specific issue or are interested in several sessions with a mentor to work through a more ongoing situation, let’s discuss how I might be able to assist you.

Session #1 = Free; two-way assessment of need and fit.
Each subsequent session = $150; this includes our time together (typically about an hour). Included in this price is also the time I will spend preparing for each session to ensure that we arrive at an acceptable conclusion for you.

Life Roadmap
At the age of 26, at a time when my life was undergoing several major changes at once, I was prompted to set aside the time to do some life priority planning. The result of this ultimately became what I referred to as my Life Roadmap. As you might imagine, I did not make good decisions at every turn as I walked through life. The beauty of having a Life Roadmap – at the same time an anchoring foundational document and a living, evolving document – was that at those times when life was out of rhythm or a major decision needed to be made, I could go back to it and allow it to inform a wise choice for the current moment.

I highly encourage you to take this journey with me to develop your unique Life Roadmap. The process will involve 5 or 6 sessions, depending on whether we need an introduction session. The Life Roadmap process is a series of 4 steps that will build one upon the other.

$400; includes all 5 or 6 sessions noted above, plus my preparation time prior to each.

If you have never purposefully been through a foundational and formational discipleship resource, I highly recommend “Discipleship Essentials” by Greg Ogden. This resource is specifically designed to be used in mentoring relationships. This is a 26-week committed journey we can take together.

Only the cost of two books (one for each of us); my time is free. Timing subject to availability given the length of the commitment. It is my joy to help others build their life in Christ. Book is available at major online outlets or we may be able to purchase one through my church, North Way Christian Community.

A couple of notes about the pricing listed above:

  • There is a discount available for non-profit organizations
  • Do not let finances become a stumbling block to you being able to get the help you need – please contact me and let’s discuss your situation.

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