My name is Randy Blincow, Founder of Healthy Rhythms Life Coaching. I have experience working with people from all age groups and walks of life. I can serve as a mentor, discipler, or life/career coach whether you are facing a specific decision or turning point in your life, or if you are looking to develop a long-range life roadmap and incorporate healthy rhythms into your lifestyle.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and so that informs everything that I do. I state this so that you will have an upfront understanding of what makes me tick. However, if you do not share my specific religious beliefs, I am confident that my experience can benefit you and I am committed to working to meet your needs.

Latest from the Blog

Do Better: Part II

In this series, I am encouraging each of us to look in the mirror and take on the personal responsibility you have to yourself, your family, and to society in general. Too often, I believe, we dedicate too much effort and mindshare to our stance on an issue and therefore miss out on a great […]

Do Better: Part I

It is my observation that we expend a lot of energy and mindshare looking around us and calling out systemic incompetence and individual faults. We take a stand on an issue, and our stance is too often built on a platform of our disagreement with the other side of the issue.  Similarly, we often speak […]

Healthy Competition

I love sports. Playing and now, mostly, spectating. I love games. Playing, not spectating. I enjoy engaging in competition. Even success in my career was built on this enjoyment of competition. To me, competition is fun. And it’s more fun when you win. I always engage with the intent to win. Turns out, this doesn’t […]

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