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My name is Randy Blincow, and I launched this endeavor in 2021 after retiring from a long and varied career. I, personally, am nothing special, but I have enjoyed receiving many great gifts along my journey through life. These gifts of circumstance, experience, and learning all brought me to this point in my journey.

At the age of 26, amidst changing life circumstances I did some in-depth analysis and writing, which turned out to become what I have referred to since as my Life Roadmap. I have since built upon the idea of developing healthy rhythms to assist in maintaining a life that is moving toward my purpose. Consistent and frequent review of my Life Roadmap allowed me to see where life’s inevitable out-of-balance condition had caused me to lose focus on the more important aspects of my life. I had the tool in front of me to bring awareness and to provide the needed course corrections.

Again, thank you for your time. Let me leave you with a couple of suggestions for next steps:

  1. Sign up for my blog. Generally published twice a month, these posts are consistently no more than a 5-minute read, covering topics related to living on purpose to ensure your overall health.
  2. Review the Services page and reach out to me with any questions or to perhaps schedule an exploratory conversation to see how I might be able to serve you.

I am thrilled to be able to continue fulfilling my life’s purpose even after officially retiring. It is honestly a life-giving exercise to be able to help people discover their path and how to navigate it. And that brings me to a final point. It is YOUR path. This is not about me telling you how to live or what to think or believe. It is about helping you through the process of discovering how to live yours.

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Living in the Tension of the Middle: Part II

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Living in the Tension of the Middle: Part I

I do not yet know everything that I will know in my lifetime. As I continue this lifelong journey of learning, new knowledge will have the following effects on me: This is the intersection of knowledge and wisdom. And though I endeavor to exercise wisdom, I do not perfectly live out my intention stated above.…

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