My name is Randy Blincow, Founder of Healthy Rhythms Life Coaching. I have experience working with people from all age groups and walks of life. I can serve as a mentor, discipler, or life/career coach whether you are facing a specific decision or turning point in your life, or if you are looking to develop a long-range life roadmap and incorporate healthy rhythms into your lifestyle.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and so that informs everything that I do. I state this so that you will have an upfront understanding of what makes me tick. However, if you do not share my specific religious beliefs, I am confident that my experience can benefit you and I am committed to working to meet your needs.

Latest from the Blog

Humble Leadership

Last summer, I wrote a 10-part series on Success Attributes. The series concentrated on what I believe are the Top Ten attributes that will lead to your healthy success, and it is not the typical list. Nowhere to be found was ambition, strength, and determination. Feel free to go back, beginning June 8, 2022, and…

Do the Work: Part V

For several years, I participated in and led mission trips to Honduras. Our primary purpose during these week-long trips was to be present & active in three specific communities: Knowing that I was going to embark on a blog series called Do the Work, I purposely wrote a single blog post titled Rest at Work…

Simply a New Year – Do the Work: Part IV

Beware New Year’s resolutions. They will complicate your life, wear you down, and ultimately lead to a decline in your overall health when you find yourself having to cry “Uncle” and admit – yet again – your failure to meet them. And all of this by January 15th, if you are anything like me! You…

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