Developing Healthy Rhythms

Do Better: Part II

In this series, I am encouraging each of us to look in the mirror and take on the personal responsibility you have to yourself, your family, and to society in general. Too often, I believe, we dedicate too much effort and mindshare to our stance on an issue and therefore miss out on a great […]

Do Better: Part I

It is my observation that we expend a lot of energy and mindshare looking around us and calling out systemic incompetence and individual faults. We take a stand on an issue, and our stance is too often built on a platform of our disagreement with the other side of the issue.  Similarly, we often speak […]

Healthy Competition

I love sports. Playing and now, mostly, spectating. I love games. Playing, not spectating. I enjoy engaging in competition. Even success in my career was built on this enjoyment of competition. To me, competition is fun. And it’s more fun when you win. I always engage with the intent to win. Turns out, this doesn’t […]

Rest Well

You will all agree that you desire to be well-rested. Nearly all of you would also agree that you currently do not feel well-rested, or at least not consistently so. This rest deficit is a circle of dysfunction in our lives: it results FROM being unhealthy physically, intellectually, emotionally, and/or spiritually (PIES) – and it […]

Success Attributes – Love

Let me just get this out of the way at the start; Love is not a sappy feeling. Love is at the core of success. Hear me out, please. This is the final installment of a 10-part series discussing what I believe to be the attributes increasingly displayed by successful people. Leaders and followers alike […]

Success Attributes – Gentleness

Power, manliness, fighting spirit, confidence, driven – these are all attributes that our society tends to associate with “successful” people. Scores of movies & TV dramas indicate this thought process; but sadly, a scan of any day’s news headlines will show us how this too often goes wrong. Power is too often abused, calls to […]

Success Attributes – Joy

I have often referred to my wife as the wisest person on the planet. Much of my personal growth – from anxious to peaceful, from uptight to gracious, from seeking to content – I attribute to the fact that God gifted me this woman as soulmate. One nugget she passed on to me years ago […]

Success Attributes – Kindness

At this point in a series on attributes that I believe will ensure your success, some of you may be confused. Where are traits like resolve, power, and being visionary? Surely these will round out the series, right? No. This is not a series on leadership attributes. But, even if your definition of success involves […]

Success Attributes – Virtue

Virtue, sadly, is not a word we commonly use in our society today. When we do, often we mistakenly minimize the word to merely mean sexual purity. While that meaning is listed at, it is 6th on the list. The first 5 definitions add much depth to the meaning of virtue: conformity to a […]

Success Attributes – Self-Control

My wife and I raised four children (now adults) and now we have four grandchildren all under the age of 3. These experiences have shown us clearly that when it comes to little children, the world does quite literally revolve around them. Infants make their needs known and we appropriately step in and meet those […]


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