An Allegory: Part One

Hello. My name is Meek-One. I am a sheep.

As I survey my surroundings, I see those with names like Wolf-Man and Lion-Hearted that mean me harm. They are my mortal enemies, and they would consume me in an instant. Cutting me down, wounding me, leaving me crippled and dying is their aim.

I see others – not sheep like me – that look down on me with superiority. Those with names like Wild-Stallion and Dog-Herder. With their voices dripping with derision, they say “Look at you! Meek-One, indeed. A mere sheep”. They seek for me to know my place, which they believe is beneath them.

Sadly, among those in my own flock are sheep with names like Pride-Full, Simple-Minded and Obstinate-One. They see themselves attaining to something other than sheep-hood. They do not want to associate with a sheep like me, and in fact will verbally insult me in a vain attempt to raise their own status.

By this time, you may be feeling sorry for me. A sheep. Poor, poor Meek-One. But I can assure you this is not necessary. For as I survey my surroundings, the most important sight is that of my Shepherd. You see, my Shepherd is the King of the world; the Shepherd of shepherds, if you will. I know my Shepherd-King’s voice and am content, blessed, and rich because I follow Him. And among those in my surroundings are other sheep who are equally attuned to His voice and equally blessed. Like Poor-Spirit, Mourn-Full, Merciful-One and Peace-Maker.

Because of my Shepherd-King, not only do I have everything that I need, I actually want for nothing. When I desire what He desires, it is given to me abundantly. Out of the abundance, my Shepherd-King’s voice directs me to give that which is not necessary for my sustenance so that others around me will be blessed, also. Perhaps they will consider if they, too, might listen to the voice of such a generous Shepherd-King.

Being a sheep carries responsibility. There is work to be done. Selfless, sweat, blood and tears kind of work. Meek-One though I am, I carry a responsibility to my family within the flock, for the greater flock and, yes, even for those in the world who are not part of the flock. Following the Shepherd-King requires a commitment to this work. As only He can make possible, though, once I committed to this work, I found that He makes it a light burden because He carries it with me. He invites me to join Him in His yoke so that the burden is shared. And in the middle of the work, when even this light burden wears me out, He commands me to rest. He makes pleasant meadows with beautiful streams to restore not just my physical strength but to bring profound rest to me at a soul-level. He restores me when my soul is over-whelmed. After we’ve rested, me out of necessity, He out of servant-leadership, we work again.

Though I could go anywhere I choose, I have learned that the voice of the Shepherd-King leads me down roads, paths, and alleyways along which I will find the good work that needs to be done. He already knows where this work is, and He assigned it to me specifically even before I was born. My privilege is to follow, work and be amazed that He would call me, Meek-One, to do anything meaningful at all.

To be continued. . .

2 responses to “An Allegory: Part One”

  1. Very creative, interesting.


    1. Thank you, Scott. I appreciate you interacting with the blog. I am hopeful the remainder of the story will be useful.


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