On Physical Health

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new treadmill. Given that it is mid-February, it is highly likely that many treadmills were purchased over the last 60 days. It is also inevitable that a high percentage of those treadmills have become the proverbial piece of furniture on which clothes get hung.

I can report that my treadmill purchase was a replacement for my previous treadmill, which I had completely worn out! This important piece of health maintenance equipment has long been a part of my Healthy Rhythms. You see, I inherited a spine that is weaker than most. I was a long-distance runner as an adolescent & young adult, and any physical work I endeavored to do was done with gusto (despite the fact I was basically a 98-pound weakling). Consequently, I had to go under the knife at the age of 28 to repair a herniated disc in my lower back. Then, some 20+ years later the discs in my upper spine began to cause serious symptoms in my neck and shoulders. Here’s the thing; I am grateful for my weak spine. Seriously. I am quite certain that my lifelong commitment to building, adjusting, and maintaining Healthy Rhythms is a direct result of the awareness that came from this chronic condition.

This is the first of four blog posts that are going to deal with various aspects of our health, which I note with the use of the acronym PIES (see my February 9, 2022 post titled Your Health is all about PIES). When I named my business Healthy Rhythms Life Coaching, I knew that people would often immediately limit the topic to physical health and think I am a fitness coach. Not so, and you wouldn’t want it to be! However, your physical health is an important aspect of your overall health. So, how it fits into your Healthy Rhythms is worthy of intentional consideration. Depending on your current situation, you may need to build rhythms in one of more of the following areas:

Maintenance: life sustaining – my goal in this area is to maintain physical conditioning so that age itself is the only thing that causes deterioration. What rhythms do you need in order to sustain & prolong your life, to be able to enjoy it to its fullest?

Strength: performance enhancing – maybe your vocation and/or avocation requires a certain level of physical strength & stamina. What rhythms do you need to be able to perform at an acceptable level?

Rehabilitation: problem solving – recovering from surgery, avoiding or delaying the need for surgery, and recovering from an injury often require a process of rehabilitation. Physical therapy for a time, and then an ongoing maintenance routine, are an important rhythm in these cases.

Healing: miracle seeking – God is still in this business. I’ve seen and experienced physical healing miracles. Seek out those you can fully trust and seek a miracle. Honestly, I believe that modern medicine can be the vehicle used to deliver the miracle you need.

The biggest question of all is ‘where does physical health fit into the other priorities and purpose of your life’? If you devote more time and energy to your physical health than is required to fulfill your purpose, then quite frankly it is wasted time and energy. Not enough is not a good option, either. The Life Roadmap process that I offer is designed to help you build a vision for your life that will in turn allow you to design Healthy Rhythms that support your purpose, your goals, and your eternal legacy.

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