The Need for a Life Roadmap

I have a long road trip upcoming in January, purely for pleasure and checking items off my bucket list, but which still requires planning.  Given that I have certain places I need to be on certain days, it was a necessity for me to build a roadmap to navigate my way.  With the proper planning, I can build flexibility in the schedule so that I can handle unforeseen things like bad weather, a mechanical breakdown, or an interesting side trip along the way.

Life is just like this.  Building a Life Roadmap will ensure that you arrive at the destinations you desire in the timeframes you envision.  Without it, you will meander through life rather than living with purpose and intention.  One day you will reflect and realize you didn’t end up where you desired.

You probably already understand this but let me assure you that life will throw unexpected circumstances at you.  Even when living on purpose, there is the occasional season of ‘rough weather’ or a relational breakdown or financial setback or even an opportunity to do something good you didn’t envision.  The beauty of having a Life Roadmap in place is that when these unforeseen circumstances come your way – or if you come to realize at some point you have lost your rhythm – you have a document you can refer to that will remind you the path you intended to be on.  It affords you the opportunity to hit reset without having to conjure up a new plan or remember your way.

I had the good fortune of building a Life Roadmap when I was 26 years old.  Time and time again reviewing this document kept me on mission.  And more times than I would like to admit, I found myself going back to this roadmap when I had allowed life to go off track.  It has been amazing to be able to look back at various times and see how the roadmap played out despite the detours.

I am passionate about this process and would love nothing more than to assist you in building your own Life Roadmap.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’ve been.  It is all about where you are going.  You can see the details of this process on the Services page of the website.

So here is my offer to you.  Between now and January 31, 2022 if you mention this blog post, I will give you a $100 discount on the Life Roadmap process.  A great gift for yourself or someone else.  This discount is available to everyone, so feel free to pass it along to your friends and family… and maybe even an enemy; you might make a new friend!

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