Rules of Engagement

Thank you for taking the time to read and, hopefully, interact with the Healthy Rhythms Life Coaching blog.  Over time, I have many ideas that I would like to put in front of you for consideration through this medium.  Ideas about how to maintain and improve our overall health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  In the beginning, I want to address relationships because I am asking you to embark on this journey with me.  We can explore these ideas together.

As human beings, we are designed for relationships.  To be at our healthiest, we need strong relationships; those with which we can engage & learn from and by whom we can be respected & challenged.  Unfortunately, many of the interactions we see happening today come from a place of toxic relationship.  This is not healthy for any of us.

Here is the thing.  I believe my varied life experiences give me some great insights about life in general, good decision making, and specifically about how to build healthy rhythms to broadly “succeed” (whatever that may mean).  Humbly, I even believe that God has given me some wisdom that may be beneficial to others, and I have a desire to share that.  It is life-giving to me to help others.

But here’s the other thing.  I do not know everything.  And some of the things I think I know, I’m not yet quite right about.  And the same is true for you, if I can be so bold.  I need people that think differently than me in my life.  It refines me, sometimes affirms me, and it gives me the opportunity to do the same for others.  In that posture, I ask the following from you as we journey together toward healthy rhythms:

  1. Please respond with your comments as your thoughts are provoked.  Share your ideas about what has or has not worked for you, with the hope that someone (even just one) will be inspired by your journey.
  2. Please respond when you disagree with something I’ve said.  Give me the opportunity to learn from you.  Give me the opportunity to clarify my thoughts for you.
  3. Please be respectful.  In the introductory blog post, I stated that the purpose of the blog was encouragement.  Even at a point of disagreement, I want us to encourage one another toward further thought and growth.  Avoid name-calling, which is another way of saying don’t place ‘labels’ on people.  (More coming on labels in a future post).  This is my commitment to you; please hold me accountable.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey!

8 responses to “Rules of Engagement”

  1. Hi Randy! Excited to be on this journey with you. Thanks for sharing your wisdom gained in this area through years of servant leadership. Grateful for you and the time we served together. Kelsey

    Kelsey 719-510-2541



    1. Kelsey – thank you for the engagement and feedback. I know you know a thing of two about servant leadership, so it is very meaningful to me. – Randy


  2. Sounds good so far!


    1. Paul – it is great to hear from you. Thank you for reading and engaging. And, thank you for the implied promise that you will continue “checking me out”. I appreciate the input and accountability. Blessings, brother. – Randy


  3. Great idea! Love this! Wishing you well.

    Tina Stone


  4. This is FANTASTIC!! I look forward to future posts.


    1. Thanks for engaging, Karen. I am glad to have you on the journey.


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