Developing Healthy Rhythms

Encouragement. Simply put, that is what this blog is about.

It seems that so much of what dominates the airwaves or cyberspace today – even when we agree with the premise – comes from a place of aggression. We are riled up to either raise a fist of agreement in defiance of those who think differently or are incensed at the audacity of someone with an opposing view to dare breath it! Of course, it probably only seems this way, when in fact there are many even-keeled voices in the world that deserve our attention.

I seek to be one of those latter voices; an encouragement to you. Yes, encouragement will often include an exhortation toward some ideal. Even if you disagree with that ideal, however, my goal is to continue encouraging while upholding the value of your thoughts.
The idea behind all this encouragement is to help us to develop healthy rhythms. Encouragement is the key to successfully building healthy rhythms throughout all aspects of our lives.

To your Healthy Rhythms!

2 responses to “Developing Healthy Rhythms”

  1. Wow! Right on!! My sentiments exactly!


    1. David – thanks for the encouraging response. – Randy


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